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Arise and Shine

Our 8 week holistic living Mentorship is individually tailored for your needs, but will evolve around

exploring healthy habits and structures, 

clean food and products,

lowering our environmental toxic load,

sleep and movement,

relationship with yourself,

relationships with others,

identifying, understanding and accepting our emotions,

visions and purpose.

Imagine this as your all-rounder. Always been curious about eating healthy, improving sleep and well-being, lowering your toxins, feeling more fit and connected, 

This container will be an informative and transformative journey, that requires the will and open-mindedness to enhance your knowledge, to question old behaviour and patterns and to fully embrace possible challenges along the way.

-  you feel the desire to dive into a healthier life but you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and you don't know where to start

- you want to improve your life quality on several levels while feeling supported

- you want to feel more connected to yourself and/or others 

- you want to shed a couple of pounds and reduce your toxic load

- you aim to feel more comfortable in your skin

- you want to create the life that you love

- you are curious of unlocking more of your potential and how that will impact your life

This program is for you if

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