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Who we are

I am Juan


I am Ly

I'm a nature lover, personal growth enthusiast, and an ICF certified Coach with over 100+ hours of experience. After completing my Masters in Organization Development and working in the corporate world, I came to realize that my life lacked purpose. This realization led me to explore what a purpose-driven and more intentional life would mean for me.

I am deeply intrigued by the intricate connection between the human bodymind, as well as the intra- and inter-relationships that shape us. My passion lies in supporting individuals to live authentically, connect with their emotions, nurture their inner child, and discover their unique path in life. Additionally, I hold a 200-hour Yoga teacher certification.

I dearly believe that lifelong learning and adaptability are crucial elements for a fulfilling and successful life.


I'm a futbol enthusiast, outdoor lover, and chef. My true passion lies in food - from cooking and eating to bringing people together around the table. I attended culinary school in Argentina and furthered my career in Australia, working in fine dining wineries. However, my personal journey sparked a profound interest in health, prompting me to make lifestyle changes and develop a strong passion for nutritious and healthy food. While serving as the executive chef at a delightful vegetarian café in Sydney, I started to study nutrition to expand my knowledge and work purposefully with specific foods, plants, and spices.

I believe that how we allocate our time and resources profoundly influences our actions and shapes the person we become. At the end of the day, it's our choice to make. 

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