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All About Us

Hey you, we are Juan and Ly 

We both share a deep passion for food and cooking, and we enjoy to explore new health food cafés and restaurants. A few years ago, we made the decision to leave behind the bustling city life and embrace the tranquility of the jungle. Surrounded by nature, we find joy in spending time at the beach and engaging in various physical activities. Family holds immense importance to us, and we cherish genuine connections, personal growth, kindness, and creating heartfelt moments. Our adventurous spirits have taken us around the world, and while we hope to continue our global journey, Costa Rica has secured a special place in our hearts. We can't wait to support you through our coaching offer and to welcome you for holistic wellness retreats and healthy food in Nosara, Costa Rica. It's here that you'll currently find us, accompanied by our beloved pug, Coconut. 

Are you curious to learn more?

Our story began 6 years ago when we met in Bali. After talking for only a couple of hours, we quickly realized that we shared a bigger vision: creating a space where people can gather to immerse themselves in holistic healing and community. A space where people can be seen, heard, and express their authentic selves while learning new things about the body-mind, eating clean and healthy food, and connecting and growing together.

Back then, we had no clue what was waiting for us. And while we were growing individually, finding ourselves as a couple and partners, and moving around the globe, our vision expanded, and we were finally ready to give birth to the the bodymind journey. 

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