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Transitional Coaching

"Embark on a transformative journey with me as your support! I integrate academic expertise with real-life experiences to provide practical support in navigating life's transitions. Together, let's unlock your unique path, building confidence along the way and leading you toward growth, better decision making, and self-alignment."

Through my professional background in Organization Development and L&D, coupled with my professional coaching education and accreditation (ICF - ACC), I've built the foundation to support the clients I work with in the very best way.

My personal journey involved navigating various life transitions, including multiple international relocations, career changes, the conclusion of a significant relationship, and the cultivation of a sustainable connection with both myself and my now-husband. These processes involved confronting emotional patterns and aligning my life with my values and purpose, and have left me attuned to the challenges and opportunities inherent in life transitions.

Be seenBe heardExpress your true self


Genuine acknowledgement of the person that I am working with, recognizing that each individual’s journey is unique 


Connect on a deep, emotional level 

Growth and support

Integration of principles of positive psychology to foster confidence, resilience, and decision making, being present as your accountability partner, working around thought provoking questions

"During the last year I've been going through some major challenges - such as moving abroad, building a strong and healthy relationship with my partner and figuring out which career path is next for me. It's been a tough time, but also incredibly rewarding. Lydia helped me to discover and understand myself, start breaking unhealthy patterns and find new perspectives. She is a very empathetic coach and I felt safe and truly seen."

- Stephanie

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