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Fear of Aging? It's a Privilege to be Alive!

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

"I recently celebrated my 31st birthday, and in the weeks leading up to this special day I've been pondering about aging. Our society fosters an anti-aging culture, a culture that worships to be forever 29, 39, 49 etc., and to always look younger than what we are, of course."

We quite often FEAR aging, the wrinkles, our changing bodies, getting closer to the end of our life on earth. I believe that this fear is multi-faceted, as everyone is dealing with different anxieties, worries, hidden beliefs, notions, and ideas about aging. Some of us may be more concerned about our changing appearance, while others fear the end of life, being alone, having fewer options in life, diminishing strength, and so on.

What are you most worried about when it comes to aging?

As I was thinking about my birthday, my life so far, my achievements, my desires, my goals, my missed goals, my expectations from when I was younger vs. my expectations now, I realised - once again - that life is so fluid. It takes place in different stages, with different versions of ourselves. There is no right or wrong, just us in various moments.

Personally, I love to assess my past year or decade and make peace with certain topics and people. It allows me to move on from what no longer serves me and create the future that I believe in and hope for. As I reflect on the past and contemplate the future, it becomes clear to me that the only place we can truly exist in is the present.

"We are, where our breath is."

One of my all-time favourite quotes sums this up in the perfect way and serves me as a reminder, to enjoy and appreciate myself in the current moment, with my current situation, my current thoughts and my current body.

“i will never have
this version of me again
let me slow down
and be with her
- always evolvingby Rupi Kaur

So this year as I was approaching my birthday, instead of worrying about aging or judging myself, I couldn't help but to feel thankful. I felt blessed. Because I realised, that getting older means that I'm still here.


It is a privilege to age.

Because it means, that we've lived. And that we still live. And that we can create a meaningful and impactful life.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trying to stay fit and good looking. But it can be valuable to take a moment to introspect: What is driving our actions and ideas about aging?

It's essential to explore whether our actions stem from a fear-based mindset, driven by societal pressures, insecurities, or a fear of losing control over our bodies and lives. Alternatively, are our choices rooted in a sense of personal freedom, self-acceptance, and the desire to live a fulfilling life regardless of external expectations?

Let’s celebrate life!



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