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Who is in your circle of trust?

Have you ever wondered who holds a place in your circle of trust? Whom do you consult or confide in when in doubt or in need of advice? Allowing people into our inner circle of trust grants them permission to speak into our lives and to shape who we are and who we are to become. The inner circle of trust should not be confused with the broader circle of friends and relationships in our lives, which have the power to enrich, diversify, enlighten, and, of course, shape us as well.

Our inner circle of trust usually consists of 2 - 5 people (for instance a partner, friends, parent, spiritual guide, etc.), but can also include influential voices from various sources, such as podcasts, influencers, scientists, and even people that have already passed away. Think about it like this: Who speaks into your life, who/what influences your thoughts?

When making a decision for instance, are you maybe thinking about the hurtful comments your mother used to make, even though she's not alive anymore/not part of your life? When you are sad or feel uncomfortable, do you scroll social media to see what your favourite influencer usually does in that situation? Or do you maybe call a friend that you really love, but that has very different core values than you and many times you feel misunderstood or confused by their advice?

What we surround ourselves with cultivates our heart and our being.

If you read this, you have the fantastic opportunity to assess your inner circle of trust.

Who is part of it?


Did you actively choose them or did they choose you?

Whom would you like to be there and who should probably leave?

When choosing individuals for your inner circle, consider people whom you honor, admire, trust and who inspire you. Seek those from whom you can learn and who remind you of your very own essence. Think of it like this, if you value committed relationships and seek advice on building an exclusive partnership, someone leading a contrasting lifestyle may not offer guidance aligned with your values, but with their own. 'Oh, but does that mean we should only be friends with those who share our opinions' you ask? Not at all. Healthy dialogue and respectful challenges to our beliefs can be beneficial and thought-provoking. Yet, for your inner circle of trust it can be helpful to asses whether the influence that you are receiving aligns with your core essence, beliefs, purpose and vision. Remember, the people within your circle of trust will undoubtedly shape who you become, so what they speak into your life matters greatly.

Ideally, your inner circle should encompass individuals with different qualities that hold significance in your life. For instance, someone who inspires you spiritually, someone who challenges your personal growth, someone who knows you intimately and provides a safe space for vulnerability, and someone who helps you refocus on your true self and your goals.

Have you ever assessed your circle of trust? Interestingly, every person has one, if consciously chosen or not. Who is influencing your life?

Lots to think about, my friend.



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